How can we improve Geopointe?

More "Smart-Mapping" Integration into Salesforce

Stepping back a bit from SF & Maps, it seems like Geopointe is not integrated enough "into" normal SF daily routines? such as:
> When working within Salesforce :
- adding a Map to an Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity (how do I/end-user easily/quickly add a map to a layout?)
- adding a Map to a List-view (end-users need to be able to quickly/on-the-fly view all/filtered customers on a map)
- adding Map Export options (management needs to be able to quickly/on-the-fly export all/filtered customers to excel/kml/etc)

> Having to "stop" and load the Geopointe app, then "think" thru data-sets & "plotting" options "breaks" the sales flow juices from flowing and retards adoption & use!
> The app needs to just "flow within Salesforce" so that the end-user utilizes all of the "power of mapping" without even knowing it!

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  • Jerry commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

     In Salesforce, I’ve had to create my own “custom mapping solutions” using the google API because no vendor seems to have any solutions for custom integration with Account (standard) & Location (custom) objects
     For example, a Sales Rep creates a new Account record and are required to enter in accurate Lat/Long coordinates. (since we build Fiber which requires accuracy for quoting & construction)
     In SF, I’ve added in a VF page with my customized google API code, so the rep can quickly plot the customer, plot other relevant layers, drag the pointer, save the new coordinates all from the same page.
     Trying to use Geopointe for such a practical task means, clicking a Map button, new tab opens, wait for map program to open & initialize, apply layers, etc. (no options for “dragging pointer”, “saving coordinates”, etc, and the reps are hesitant to use “non-native & non-integrated” solutions that are not quick & user-friendly.
     I love Geopointe, but I just don’t see enough “natively integrated solutions” inside SF pages?

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