How can we improve Geopointe?

Enable multi-field inline editing

I was recently asked to come up with a better way for our reps to hone
their health care provider target list. Currently, they have to go to each
detail page for the HCP they're interested in and mark them as a target.
Conversely, if they deselect them as a target, they have to provide a
reason for doing so which is validated. There are also a couple other
validations around targeting.

I thought that Geopointe might make for a fluid experience in the targeting
process given that the map and list view are on the same page. The problem
I'm running into though is our validations. For instance, if a rep selects
an HCP as a target, they're required to also enter a call frequency on that
same record. As you know, Geopointe only allows one field update at a time,
which of course can't be done with our validations.

We need a way to update multiple fields at the same time within
Geopointe. Taking advantage of multi-row/mulit-field editing would also also huge. This could provide a way for reps to select an entire area of their territory and deselect/select all as targets. If this were possible, Geopointe would make for the perfect
platform for performing these types of targeting exercises.

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