How can we improve Geopointe?

For the markers on the Map, is there a way we can use a formula?

On the mapping of a data-set, having a multi-field option with images would be awesome, or having a formula that wouldn't be on the actual salesforce object would help us.

Something like, maybe that last image needs to be a boolean but that is where I was thinking it would be nice to have, with the ability to only show only one image group to focus on the leads/account/?? in that area.

if (x1 & y) = image 1
if (x2 & y) = image 2
if (x3 & y) = image 3
if (x1 & !y) = image 4
if (x2 & !y) = image 5
if (x3 & !y) = none

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do understand your business use of requiring this feature. Meanwhile you could always create a formula text field as per your & condition. Thereby you can compare the output on Geopointe dynamic markers.
    For eg, in formula set x1 & y as text value for if condition

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