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Auto-Select Records on the Map

Hi guys! I have a suggestion for some new functionality that would be handy.

It would be very helpful if you could automatically select a record on the map as a result of clicking the "Map" button on that record in SalesForce.

In effect, if I'm looking at an Opportunity and I click the Map button, Geopointe would load up, center the map on that address, AND select it (The little red checkmark appears over the pinpoint).

This would facilitate a use case like the following: The user wants to do a mass emailing to all Accounts within X miles of an Opportunity.

1. The user views the Opp's record in SalesForce.
2. The user clicks the "Map" button, which navigates to the Geopointe Map. The record is already selected.
3. After unchecking the "Clear Map on Search" box (So as not to clear the selected Opportunity), the user performs a radial search for Accounts in the vicinity.
4. The user selects the desired Accounts.
5. The user selects the "Mass Email" List Action (custom development). This passes the Opp Id and all of the Account Ids to the controller via the objectNameRecordIdsMap member of the ActionRequest object.

In short, having some good parameter and API options for selecting record ids via code would be very helpful!

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Joseph Bunda shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
acknowledged  ·  AdminGeopointe (CEO / Founder, Geopointe) responded  · 

Hey Joseph, is this a custom apex action? If so, inside the geopointe.ActionRequest object we pass to your execute method contains a map of URL parameters. In here you should be able to pull out the id value. This will be id of the record the Map button was selected from.


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  • Joseph Bunda commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks, but I'm already employing the map gleaned from the ActionRequest object. It does not serve the purpose stated above in step 2 because you still need to manually select the opp on the map first. It would be nice to not have to re-select the opp you came from once you reach the map.

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