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  1. Change a data set color on the fly  ·  under review

  2. Aggregate Data by State/Province  ·  under review

  3. Save Data Sets to Campaign when Adding Campaign Members

  4. Allow Multiple Fields to have Custom Marker Color within Data Set

  5. Second set of pagination controls at bottom of Mapped Data section

  6. The ability to pull relevant information about a shape regardless of data

  7. Save accounts on map as a data set, not a route

  8. Add ability to toggle categories within one data set in map legend.  ·  delivered

  9. See the data list without needing to scroll down the page  ·  under review

  10. Save a data set or shape "membership" to a Record

  11. Add Advanced Filter Logic on Data Sets like 1 OR (2 AND 3)  ·  delivered

  12. Including Activity object in data set filtering criteria  ·  delivered

  13. Have a possibility to compare two (or more) different data sets in the same map.  ·  delivered

  14. Limit Mapped objects when creating data sets for users

  15. Allow customers to more frequently update their Geopointe data in a scheduled job.  ·  delivered

  16. Continuously show Field names in columns while scrolling down in the Mapped Data list view

  17. Add option to use “native ESRI/ArcGIS” data in Geopointe.

  18. User should be allowed to remove Geocode Quality(Rooftop etc) option from Data sets in Geopointe maps.

  19. Place your own point inside of a custom shape and show the distance to all of the other data points.  ·  acknowledged

  20. i need to save the data in an excel report. How do i do that?  ·  delivered

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